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Aurora Limo Service

Aurora Limo Service

Do you need limo service for your next trip to Aurora? A Aurora limo service limo driver can help you navigate all the exciting things to do in this college town.

Here are a few services we offer:

  • Airport Pick-Ups/Drop-Offs
  • School Functions
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
  • Concerts & Performances
  • Corporate Affairs
  • Sporting Matches
  • Out of State Trips
  • Wedding Transportation

Why take a Aurora limo?

Did you just hit the jackpot, or is it the aura of being in Aurora? The growing city’s casino is a destination for many adult groups looking to have some fun.

However, if it were not at the outer edges of the Chicago Metropolitan Area, the city would be known for more than just their casino. With over 200,000 people living here, they are a legitimate city.

However, this is not the only reason for your group to travel to Aurora. The iconic Paramount Theater still hosts live performance in the venue. The venue’s listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The city is also large enough to have various museums including the Aurora Historical Society, Aurora Public Arts Commission, Phillips Park Zoo, and SciTech Interactive Science Museum.

Since Aurora is on the outer edge of the Chicagoland area, you also get some great rural activities you might not find closer to the city. One of those experiences is the Blackberry Farm.

The Farm has educational demonstrations of pioneer life, unlimited train rides, hay wagon tours, paddle boats, carousel, and ponies. They also have an Adventure Playground with click decks, slides, ropes, catwalk-style bridges, and zip lines.

Aurora is also the home of the Sri Venkateswara Swami (Balaji) Temple where Thousands of devotees from the mid western states, especially from Chicago land used to travel to Pittsburgh to have darshan of Sri Venkateswara swami. While the experience was spiritually rewarding, the time and effort required to make the trip was making it difficult for many to have his darshan as often as their hearts desired. Many felt a void in their spiritual lives and their discontent was wide spread. The state of affairs continued until 1985. As a result of philanthropy of nine families who donated 20 acres of land with a farm house in Aurora (a far west suburb of Chicago), as a site for the proposed Balaji temple, a beginning was made in the realization of a dream of many. Since Sri Venkateswara swami (Balaji) temple is an institution that has to serve innumerable generations to come, plans were drawn on a magnificent scale related to the means available and the needs of the moment. No pains were spared in making its designs meet the agamic space requirements when at the same time ensuring that it also meets the local building codes, structural safety standards and the needs of the community.

Padmasri M.Muthiah Sthapathy, a noted expert on temple construction in India collaborated with Sri Subhash Nadkarni, a reputed architect of Chicago and a devotee of Balaji, and together they designed the temple. This design is an excellent blend of ancient Shilpa shastra and modern architectural technology. This design also served as a model for other temples that were built later in the United States. A unique feature of the temple is provision for circumambulation (pradakshina) inside the temple not only around the presiding deity, but around all the major shrines inside the temple.Truly a mesmerizing temple to visit…

Do you need a Aurora limo rental?

How can we help you with your upcoming trip to Aurora? We have experienced drivers who know how to navigate throughout the Chicagoland area.

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Why Limo Service?

For groups that want to travel together, chartering a bus for the morning, afternoon, evening, or the entire day is the best solution. Worrying about parking and parking fees is not an issue when you hire a chauffeured bus service to take you to your desired destinations. Experienced drivers know how to maneuver around any city, getting you from point to point with ease allowing you to plan a full itinerary for site seeing.

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